AES in Latin America

Since it first entered the marked in 1993, AES has reached vital presence in Latin America. Ever since that time this company has contributed to growth in many communities, both rural and urban.

AES has business in seven Latin American countries with a labor force of over 8,000 employees in the whole region. It operates 47 generating plants with an installed capacity of over 11,000 megawatts.

Our business scope in Latin America includes eight distributing companies who serve electricity to more than 8 million people. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, are the Latin American countries where AES operates its generating plants and distributes energy.

Due to the excellent operating results achieved by AES during 2006, the group was awarded with the “2007 Edison Award” under the category of International Member of the Edison Electric Institute. This prize is granted to enterprises in the power business for their leadership, innovation and contribution to advancement in the energy industry. This acknowledgement is a living proof that AES people are committed to work and devoted to operational excellence and personal growth.

At AES Latin America we dedicate ourselves to the communities we serve by investing time and resources to social, economical and environmental initiatives to benefit local communities including: rural electrification, creating awareness to save energy and to use it efficiently, training on safety of electric installations, development and construction of community infrastructure, environmental solution projects (emissions control and reforestation).