Natural Gas


Liquefied natural gas terminal

  • Dock and Terminal for unloading liquid natural gas (LNG) and other liquid fuel
  • Terminal for unloading with three (3) arms with ability to download 10,000 m3 of LNG per hour
  • Cryogenic Tank insulated double walls, with a storage capacity of 160.000 m3 natural gas

Natural gas pipeline AES Andres – DPP

  • 34-kilometer pipeline that interconnects the LNG Terminal in Punta Caucedo, Boca Chica with generation units in Dominican Power Partners (DPP) in the town of Los Mina, Santo Domingo
  • Five (5) control valves station

Cryogenic Distribution Terminal

  • First to be installed in the Dominican Republic and Latin America
  • Filled capacity for two simultaneous truck loading rate of 68m ³ / h
  • Natural gas sold in the Dominican market is basically used in three economic sectors: Industrial, Power Generation and Transportation.