AES Dominicana Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility Branch of the AES Group in the Dominican Republic. This Foundation evidences our commitment to achieving tangible results. It takes on the great challenge of adding genuine value to our business, with community service spirit, to serve all of our groups of interest.

At the Foundation we promote work that gives back to the communities where our power plants are located. Growth in the communities we served is more consolidated every day. This growth is perceived through channels like the economic resources and the voluntary and spontaneous collaboration of every member of the AES family.

Through the development of educational and environmental programs we try to improve the living conditions of the communities and achieve the participation of community members as co-promoters of these initiatives. They are, in the end, the true forgers of the nation’s progress.

Some of the organizations that have contributed with our projects and programs are:

  • Junior Achievement
  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (Intec)
  • Patronato Pro-Desarrollo de Haina
  • Cure Dominicana
  • DIS Foundation
  • Patronato Museo Trampolín
  • Casa de Teatro