Development Contribution


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AES Dominicana has committed itself to working for the development of the country by focusing its efforts on the areas of most precarious conditions, such as Culture, Education, Sports, and Health.

It seeks to inculcate Corporate Social Responsibility into the areas chosen by promoting jointly the corporate Values and volunteer collaboration by the personnel from the different businesses of the Group.

Our Actions


In the area of health we have joined efforts with CURE International whose field of action is surgical interventions in low-income children suffering from congenital deformities.

In order to support this cause, every year AES Dominicana makes a donation with resources that permit operations on a large number of young children and adolescents. This project began in 2005 under the concept of “We Light up the Life of Children”; it has benefited more than 200 affected children who have been rehabilitated in the Medical Center for Orthopedics and Specialties hospital sponsored by the CURE foundation.

This project is unique in that the donation is made in the month of December as a Christmas gift from AES to the Dominican society.


Education is one of our other focuses of action, because it considers it to be the basis for development of every country. Among the projects that we execute are the annual donation of school materials distributed in both the communities where our generating plants such as Haina and Boca Chica are located, and to the children of employees of the various companies that make up the Group.

Likewise, this year we completely reconditioned the Bajos de Haina School located a few meters from the Itabo energy complex. This school houses more than 600 elementary level students.

At present we are contemplating carrying out scholarship projects in specific areas to train outstanding students who in the future could become part of the human resources of any of the AES Dominicana companies.


We are aware that it is necessary to invest in Sports in order to build health and disciplined young people. Sports is one of the recreational activities that helps most to keep young people away from bad habits and improper conduct and behavior. The projects where we cooperate include specific support to the “Aquino Ozuna” baseball league in Brisas de Caucedo, where more than 120 children between the ages of 8 and 16 benefit by receiving sports uniforms, gloves, bats, balls, and other items to practice this sport.

The AES Foundation is considering extending the support to other sports disciplines.


We are working on the creation of a mechanism through which the company´s workers can voluntarily contribute one day of the year out of their salary to be targeted to strengthening the Foundation´s projects; after that contribution, AES promises to match that figure.

Likewise, through the concept of “volunteers,” we encourage the personnel to collaborate in integral projects of social commitment, such as the reforestation of certain areas.