In AES “Safety is First.” Aware of the importance of this Value for preserving the physical integrity of our People and the excellence of our businesses, the company gives priority to safety matters in all its activities.

Safety Policies

  • To protect the health and safety of everyone involved in its operations.
  • To perform all of its operations in such a way that the work is safe for the employees, workers, and any person who enters our installations, and also for the neighboring communities.
  • To contribute with excellence, by striving to be the best in everything we do and performing at the highest level in our company.

Fundamental Objectives in Risk Control Matters

  • Work free of errors or accidents (zero accidents).
  • Continuous improvement in performance in terms of health, labor safety.
  • General satisfaction of clients, workers, and shareholders with our performance in activities related to the control and prevention of losses.

For these ends the company has implemented an Administrative System of Integral Safety, to provide follow-up to corporate guidelines and strategies on safety, and it incorporates this Value as a business element and therefore an integral part in all activities of the company´s administrative processes.