AES Dominicana is committed to sustainable development. In that regard, it promotes conservation of the Environment, and guarantees a healthy workplace in each one of the activities it executes within the businesses.

Environmental Policies

To comply with national and international laws and norms concerning the Environment, as well as AES Corporation´s Environmental Norms, and to go even further in accordance with our values.

To perform our activities responsible with the environment and with society, minimizing the emission of contaminants, avoiding the occurrence of environmental accidents, and responding quickly and adequately in case of situations which represent risks to health, safety, and the environment, and reporting on time to the competent authorities in each case.

To invest in projects that promote and improve the protection and conservation of the Environment in our installations and in the training of our personnel on this subject.

To encourage the sustainable development of the community, by promoting the consciousness-raising of individuals in this regard and motivating integration and participation in the preservation of our surroundings.

Continuously improving our Environmental Management System, by performing periodic audits and evaluations of its performance and implementing the measures necessary to achieve the environmental objectives proposed.