The development of the community is an essential part of our commitments. For the AES Dominicana Group, the sustainable growth of our neighboring communities is very valuable, that is why through the AES Dominicana Foundation we develop several community projects that allow us to add value to one of our main interest groups.

We carry out educational and environmental projects that aim towards the community’s welfare and the empowerment of its inhabitants who, in the end, are the future progress of the nation.

In 2010 the AES Dominicana Foundation and PADESHA (the Patronage Pro Development of Haina) signed a collaboration agreement with the objective of channeling activities, projects and aids for the community of Bajos de Haina. With this agreement, we consolidate the relationship community-company and the promotion of growth and sustainable development programs for the community.

The Foundation works closely with the firemen of these communities. With this non-lucrative organization that serves the community voluntarily, we developed projects that involve security directly, such as fire simulations and prevention, making them a part of our company’s procedures and consultants in matters of security, fire prevention and first aid.

In matters of education, the AES Dominicana Foundation incorporates sponsorship programs in the primary schools of Bajos de Haina, in the community of Haina; Brisas de Caucedo Sur, in Andrés, Boca Chica; Pueblo Nuevo de los Lima, in Los Mina and Maria Caro, in La Caleta. We aim at complementing the quality of education in these educational centers and creating the adequate infrastructure conditions for the students.

In technical education, we carry out an internship program with the students of Politécnico de Haina, which contemplates three basic aspects: technical visits from electric and mechanical students to our Itabo generation plant, internships for outstanding students and donations for the center’s operations.

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